What we believe

Our Beliefs

The United Methodist Church stands in the broad stream of Protestant Christianity. John Wesley envisioned the Methodist movement as a reforming and renewing movement in his own Anglican church, and it only became a separate denomination by historical circumstances. Wesley himself once said that anyone who desired to love God and neighbor more deeply could be a Methodist. Particular emphases in Methodism include the priority of God's action in reaching out to and redeeming creation, the personal experience of God's love, and a robust approach to Christian faith that includes both "head" and "heart." To find out more about the United Methodist Church and our beliefs, please visit UMC.org.

Our Approach to the Christian Life

Methodism's origins and character are those of a renewal movement within 18th century Anglicanism and the broader church. John Wesley and his brother Charles, along with several of their friends, sought to deepen their faith through the intentional use of core Christian practices like prayer, reading the Bible, and ministering to their neighbors. They came to be called "Methodists" because they were so methodical in their spirituality. It was not intended as a compliment, but they came to wear the badge with honor! Today, Methodism still emphasizes the regular, intentional practices of these things that Wesley called the "means of grace" through which God works in our lives. The Wesleyan way of Discipleship emphasizes four key areas: personal relationship with God through prayer, studying Scripture, etc.; worshiping together with other Christians through which we hear the Word proclaimed and receive the sacraments; acts of charity toward our neighbors in need; and advocacy for peace and justice.

Our Connection

The United Methodist Church is a "connectional" denomination. We believe that we can do more together than any congregation can do on its own. The United Methodist connection spreads across the world, and it links us with congregations and fellow believers that we may never meet. We are in ministry together as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our connections are, from most general to local:

If you would like to know more...

The United Methodist Handbook can give you a quick overview of our denomination and the difference we're making in the world. You can read it online here.